E-House & Panel Manufacturing Experts

From engineering to delivery, Dragon’s manufacturing process helps reduce budgets and get packaged products on-site faster. We’re transforming how industry leaders evaluate, implement and adopt panel manufacturing to reduce project cost and increase revenue. Everything we do at Dragon is grounded in efficiency. The more systematically we build our operation, the faster we help you get production online.

E-Houses & Packaged Products

  • With just a single line diagram and a motor load list, our team will provide a solution ready for potential customization.
  • E-houses & PDC buildings
  • Low, medium & high voltage buildings
  • Modular equipment skids
  • E-houses and packaged products ship anywhere across North America through our distribution partners

Control Panel Manufacturing

  • Choose from fully customized panel solutions or pre-manufactured panels to reduce your budget & schedule
  • Secure 10,000 sq. ft. panel manufacturing facility with indoor and outdoor space
  • Testing and client staging area - private office available for your team

Proven Project Experience

Dragon Pre-Fabricated Panels

In 2014, we saw a void in the energy industry — there was no option for standardized power & controls solutions. Despite long lead times and large production inefficiencies, control system design and procurement remained far too conventional. Continually designing systems from scratch meant large cost and schedule overruns. Dragon has implemented an execution strategy to get your production online even faster.
Ideal for balance of plant of oil batteries & storage, compressor stations & processing facilities
<ul class="listbullet"> <li>Always in stock and custom build options available</li> <li>Seamless integration with Smart JB™ and LM Series control panels</li> <li>Can maintain up to 150 I/O standalone and up to 10,000 I/O when used with other CP and Smart JB™ Series</li> </ul>
Ideal for process building I/O terminations – remote I/O panel and junction box replacement
<ul class="listbullet"> <li>Save on wiring and installation time by having process buildings wired to SmartJBs™ before shipment</li> <li>Reduces redundant connectivity to other equipment</li> <li>Seamless integration with CP Series</li> <li>Can connect over 100+ SmartJBs™ with a single controller</li> </ul>
Ideal for process building lighting and exhaust fan automation
<ul class="listbullet"> <li>Always in stock and custom- build options available</li> <li>Seamless integration with CP Series</li> <li>Can automate up to 12 process buildings (customization available)</li> </ul>
Ideal for rotating equipment; small, medium & large horsepower applications or panel retrofits
Always in stock and custom build options available<br><br> Seamless integration with Smart JB™ and CP Series<br><br> Integrated Interface for: <ul class="listbullet"> <li>Condition monitoring</li> <li>Caterpillar ADEM</li> <li>Waukesha</li> <li>Air-fuel ratio (AFR)</li> <li>Emissions</li> <li>Detonation</li> <li>Ignition</li> </ul>

E-Houses, PDC Buildings & Modular Electrical Buildings

You give us your vision, and we will construct it with higher performance. From design, procurement to logistics - we manage it all. Whether you require a custom building or are taking advantage of the Dragon X and XX manufacturing models, all buildings are FAT tested on-site prior to shipping to help streamline on-site installation and commissioning.
Ask us about our standardized building designs.<br><br> <ul class="listbullet"> <li>Cost certainty - quotes are fixed-fee and ready in 24 hours</li> <li>More flexibility - customization is easy</li> <li>Pre-engineered, stamped drawing packages with CADD files</li> <li>Reduced procurement and engineering (+20% savings)</li> <li>Reduced copper and wire costs; less field installation time</li> <li>Remote commissioning support for MCC and PLC equipment</li> <li>Logistics made easy - no line lifts or pilot cars (+25% savings)</li> </ul>
Dragon is experienced in constructing custom electrical buildings, power distribution centres, skids, etc. From design, procurement through construction, commissioning & delivery, we will manage it all.
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